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Crochet Projects: 2016 Temperature Blanket Update

So, more than a month into my temperature blankets, I can speak with a little more experience on my 2016 temperature blankets.

My hexagon temperature blanket is going strong :)  I calculated this one nicely so that the hexies are small enough to use in a functional blanket that is a good size, even after making 366 of them.  I'm liking my color choices and I love the join-as-you-go method.  I hate weaving in the ends but I am trying to keep up with it.

Here it is at the end of January...

My granny stripe blanket is another story.  I did't think too much about the size of this one in the beginning and now its coming back to haunt me :)  My starting chain was too large so it takes a while to finish a row and if I kept going with it the way it was, it would be more than 15 feet long at the end of the  Then I thought I would split it into 3 for each of my kids...four months in each blanket...while I still like this idea, I think I'm losing the essen…