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Free Crochet Pattern: Emerson Car Seat Cover or Baby Blanket

I love the concept of car seat covers/canopies.  When you use a regular blanket instead, it is always falling off and you are constantly picking it up off the ground.  A car seat cover covers and protects your baby for cold weather, rain, snow, bright sun, you name it and it hooks on the handle bar so it ALWAYS stays in place!  I absolutely love it and if you have a baby in an infant seat, you NEED to make one of these to see how great it is.

PLEASE REMEMBER, it is dangerous to have your baby covered up in their car seat for long periods of time.  This cover is NOT meant for that.  This cover is only meant to be used when you are walking from your house to your car, store to car, school to car, and the is meant to protect your baby from rain, snow, strong wind as you are walking from the places mentioned above.  It is not meant to be left on the car seat when you are driving, sitting somewhere, going to a long walk or stroller ride, or anywhere else for longer than a minute o…