Friday, September 11, 2015

Crochet Project: Granny Stripe Pillow

I have been dying to make some crocheted pillows.  I decided for the first one, I would do a granny stripe.  I love it!

Let's get right to the details.

I used the granny stripe tutorial from Lucy of Attic 24 to make the front of the pillow.

Specifically, here is what I used and did:
I used a 16" x 24"pillow form
The yarn I used was Red Heart in Soft White and the colored yarn was all Vanna's Choice.

Materials needed:
• 5.00MM crochet hook & 5.50MM crochet hook
• Worsted weight yarn- Red Heart Super Saver in Soft White and the colors were all Vanna's Choice yarn
• 16" x 24" pillow form
• An old sweater that is big enough to cover one side of your pillow
• Buttons
• Tapestry needle for sewing in the ends 

• Make the ch and row 1, if your work matches up to the short side of your pillow form, keep going.  If not, adjust hook size so that it does match or follow Lucy's granny stripe tutorial to get your own ch number and proceed from there.

• ch= chain
• sc= single crochet
• dc= double crochet
• sl st= slip stitch

Finished size:
• 16" x 24"

Front of Pillow Case:
Start with ch of 50 and follow Lucy's granny stripe tutorial.  Here are the color changes I did:

Row 1-3: Red Heart Super Saver Soft White
4-5: Vanna's Choice Scarlett
6-7: Red Heart Super Saver Soft White
8-9: Vanna's Choice Silver Blue
10-11: Red Heart Super Saver Soft White
12-13: Vanna's Choice Antique Rose
14-15: Red Heart Super Saver Soft White
16-17:  Vanna's Choice Cranberry
18-19: Red Heart Super Saver Soft White
20-21:  Vanna's Choice Pea Green
22-23: Red Heart Super Saver Soft White
24-25:  Vanna's Choice Dusty Purple
26-27: Red Heart Super Saver Soft White
28-29:  Vanna's Choice Scarlett
30-31: Red Heart Super Saver Soft White
32-33: Vanna's Choice Mustard
34-35: Red Heart Super Saver Soft White
36-37: Vanna's Choice Sapphire
38-39: Red Heart Super Saver Soft White
40-41: Vanna's Choice Pink
42-43: Red Heart Super Saver Soft White
44-45: Vanna's Choice Terra Cotta
46-47: Red Heart Super Saver Soft White

Back of Pillow Case:
Once your front is finished, follow Lucy's cushion cover tutorial to back your pillow with a sweater.

I used Vanna's choice yarn in Pea green across the back and the 5.0MM hook.  Then attach your buttons on the opposite side.  I used 6- 5/8" buttons.

 All set!  Enjoy your new pillow!

Skein and Hook Copyright © 2014

The pattern and photographs contained in this document are the property of Skein and Hook.  This pattern is available for personal use only.  This pattern may be printed for your personal use only.  You may not in any form copy, redistribute, sell, or represent this pattern or photos as your own.  

Please do not copy this post and claim it as your own.  Please do not republish photos from this post and claim them as your own.  

You are welcomed to sell the items that you make from this pattern- please just credit me as the designer with a link to this post.

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