Friday, January 8, 2016

Crochet Project: Temperature Blanket Update

I have been loving making my temperature blankets!  I originally posted that I was making one temperature blanket using the Attic 24 Granny Stripe pattern.  But I have decided to make two different ones.  Here are the details of both...

First, for my granny stripe, I am using the following Vanna's Choice colors.

*I have edited this chart to correct the temperature ranges*

>100 °F
90 to 99 °F
80 to 89 °F
Terra Cotta
70 to 79 °F
60 to 69 °F
Sweet Pea
50 to 59 °F
Kelly Green
40 to 49 °F
30 to 39 °F
20 to 29 °F
10 to 19 °F
0 to 9 °F
<0 °F

Here are the colors in the temperature order-

I am using an I hook and my beginning chain was 212.

Here is my progress are the first 6 days of January.

My second temperature blanket is a hexagon blanket!  Oh how I'm loving hexagons lately.  I have quite a few hexagon projects going on and I am so enjoying making them.  Here are the details on my hexagon temperature blanket...

I am using Willow Wash yarn in the following-

>100 °F
Red Apple
90 to 99 °F
Orange Peel
80 to 89°F
70 to 79°F
Gold Mine
60 to 69°F
50 to 59°F
40 to 49°F
30 to 39°F
20 to 29°F
Clear Water
10 to 19°F
0 to 9°F
<0 °F

I am joining as I go with Cream.

I am using the hexagon pattern from Crochet in Color.  I make the first two rounds in the color that corresponds to the temperature at noon and then I am making the 3rd round in Cream and joining as I go.  I join in the middle chain of one of the hexagon corners, the next middle set of double crochets, and the middle chain of the next hexagon corner.

My plan for this blanket is one hexagon per day based on the temperature at noon.  Since 2016 is a leap year, there are 366 days.  So, there will be 366 hexagons.  I will alternate rows of 22 and 21 hexagons.  There will be 17 rows of hexagons with the first and last rows being 22.

Here is my progress up to January 8th-

I am really looking forward to working on these all year.  It is exciting to see which colors will come next!


  1. Thank you for this helpful post! I have some catching up to do! If the temperature is 40, would you use Kelly green or Aqua? Thanks!

    1. Hi Krista,

      My pleasure! I updated the ranges on the chart so that it isn't as confusing anymore. If the temperature is 40, you would use Kelly Green. Also, I gave an update on my temperature blankets here: My granny stripe one was too large so I have to take it apart and I'm starting over. Don't want you to have to do the same :)

  2. Tell me what a temperature blanket is???

    1. Hi,

      A temperature blanket is a year long project where you do one part of it each day based on the day's temperature. I chose hexagons for my 2016 blanket. So each day, I made one hexagon using my chart above, based on the temperature. At the end of the year, you have a lovely blanket and also a piece of history :)

  3. I was thinking of doing the granny stripe version, but no matter how I do the math, 365 rows of double crochets is going to be at least 15 feet long, even if I switch hook sizes. How did your completed project turn out?

    1. Hi,

      I haven't finished mine yet. I have all the temperatures written down and plan to continue with it this year.

      I calculated it all out though so that a granny stripe would work. I switched to a fingering weight yarn and a 2.75MM crochet hook. Each stripe needs to be around 0.2" which would give you a 73" blanket. If you make sure each stipe is 0.15", you would end up with a 55" blanket. So it is completely doable, you just need to really scale back the size of the yarn, hook, and row.

      I posted about the yarn I am using here: and I sell yarn packs for it here:

      This year I have a completely different design for my blanket. I'll be posting about it soon.

      Hope I helped.


  4. Where do you buy your Willow Wash yarn for your Hexagon blanket? I love that color scheme!

  5. Can you make a temperature blanket with granny square?

    1. Hi! Yes, you definitely can. You just need to figure out the math for the blanket before you start. You would need one square for each day so plan a layout that works for 365 squares. If you can't get that to work evenly, you may need to add a few filler squares, maybe all white just so you can get your blanket to be square. Then make a test square to see how big you need each square to be. Change your hook and yarn weight until you get the right size square. Let me know if you have any other questions. I'd be happy to help!

  6. How many skeins of each color yarn did you buy?
    I am plannimg on doing two blankets. One half double crochet rows and one with small granny squares connected as I go.
    The half double blanket will be running from August 7, 2017 to August 6, 2018. August 7th is the date of my boyfriend's and my first kiss. I wanted something special for our new home together. He loves this idea,too!
    I've never been very good at figuring out yarn amounts for my projects, so quantity input would be very helpful!
    This is such a beautiful record of a year. I'm having great fun getting started.
    For the record, the half double blanket will fit a king size bed when it is done!

    1. What sweet idea! Its hard to give you an amount purely because you don't know what the weather forecast will be so its hard to estimate how much of each color you'll use. I would start with a guess it out like this- weight your ball of yarn, then make one of your rows and weight your ball after you make your row, see how much you used for 1 row, take the weight you used for each row multiplied by 365, divide by the number of colors that you are using. You'll have a ballpark but, again, most likely you won't use the colors evenly so you may be left with extra of some and not enough of others. Are you using a yarn that's widely available? If so, I'd buy it as you go. Even if the dye lots are different, it shouldn't matter because your are using a bunch of colors in your blanket and if there are any subtle differences it will just blend it. Good luck! If you have any other questions, let me know.


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