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Free Crochet Pattern: Wylie Baby Blanket

I have been wanting to make a granny and v-stitch blanket for a while it is!  This is baby blanket that I came up with for a friend who is due to have a baby girl this summer.  It was super easy to make and really fun because of how colorful it is...though that does leave a lot a ends to weave in!  It could be made in any number of colors or even solid.  

My goal here was to make a square blanket that it bigger than my previous baby blankets.  I wanted something that the baby could grow into but could still be used in the stroller now.  My finished size is 38.5" by 38.5".  Let's get to the pattern :)

Materials needed:

• U.S. H- 5.0 MM crochet hook
• Worsted weight yarn- used here:
          -Color A: Willow Wash in Cream- 3 skeins
          -Color B: Willow Wash in Red Apple- 1 skein
          -Color C: 
Willow Wash in Azalea- 1 skein
          -Color D: Willow Wash in Little Flower- 1 skein
          -Color E: Willow Wash in Clear Water- 1 skein
          -Color F: Willow 
Wash in Turquoise- 1 skein
• Tapestry needle for sewing in the ends 

• ch= chain
• sc= single crochet
• reverse sc= reverse single crochet
• dc= double crochet
• sl st= slip stitch

Finished size:
• 38.5" by 38.5"

Ch 93 (VERY loosely)

1: (dc, ch 1, dc) in the 4th ch from the hook.  *[skip 1 ch, (dc, ch 1, dc) in the next].  Repeat from the * across.  Finish with a dc in the last ch.

2: Ch 3, turn, *(3dc) in the ch 1 space of the row below.  Repeat from the * across.  Dc in the top of the ch 3 of the previous row.

3: Ch 3, turn, *(dc, ch 1, dc) in the middle dc of the 3dc-group from the previous row. Repeat from the * across.  Dc in the top of the ch 3 of the previous row.

Repeat rows 2 and 3 until you reach desired length, end on a row 3.


1:  Continue with the color used in your last blanket row, ch 1, turn, make 3 sc in each of the ch1-spaces across.  Make 3 sc in the top ch of the beginning ch 3 from the previous row (corner made).  Continue around, sc evenly down the long side of the blanket, make 3 sc in the corner, continue across the bottom, sc evenly across, make 3 sc in the corner, continue up the other long side, sc evenly up this side,  3 sc in the corner and then join with a sl st to the beginning sc.  Bind off.

2:  Join Red Apple with a standing sc anywhere, sc around the entire blanket, making 3 sc in each corner.  Join with a sl st to the beginning standing sc. Bind off.

3:  Join Azalea with a standing sc anywhere, sc around the entire blanket, making 3 sc in each corner.  Join with a sl st to the beginning standing sc. Bind off.

4:  Join Little Flower with a standing sc anywhere, sc around the entire blanket, making 3 sc in each corner.  Join with a sl st to the beginning standing sc. Bind off.

5:  Join Cream with a standing sc anywhere, sc around the entire blanket, making 3 sc in each corner.  Join with a sl st to the beginning standing sc, continue on to round 6 with Cream.

6: Continue working with Cream, ch 1, then reverse sc around the entire blanket (one reverse sc in every stitch, including the corners).  Bind off.  Weave in all ends.

Here are some of the finished pictures-

Skein and Hook Copyright © 2014

The pattern and photographs contained in this document are the property of Skein and Hook.  This pattern is available for personal use only.  This pattern may be printed for your personal use only.  You may not in any form copy, redistribute, sell, or represent this pattern or photos as your own.  

Please do not copy this post and claim it as your own.  Please do not republish photos from this post and claim them as your own.  

You are welcomed to sell the items that you make from this pattern- please just credit me as the designer with a link to this post.


  1. Love it! Thank you for the pattern. The group that I belong to knits/crochets warm items for various charity organaizations. This will be great for that. Just wondering what the stitch multiple is so I can make it a bit bigger (they prefer closer to 45x45). Thank you :-)

    1. Hi! When I did my chain, I did an even number plus 3. I haven't tried other sizes but that should work for you. Let me know if you have a problem. Thanks!

  2. Hello, I was wondering what row you change colors? Is it at the end of row 2? How does that part work?

    1. Hi,

      You make your chain and then row 1 in Cream. After that you switch colors every row. The pattern I used is like this: Cream, Red Apple, Cream, Azalea, Cream, Little Flower, Cream, Clear Water, Turquoise...then I repeat that pattern through the rest of the blanket. Let me know if you have any questions.


  3. I'm finished with the body of the blanket, and you're's ALOT of ends to weave in!! Did you weave the color change ends into blanket before working the border?? I'm afraid of it being bulky

    1. Yes, I weaved in all the ends before working the border. It was a lot but the blanket was totally worth it :) Good luck!

  4. beautiful pattern will try and send u a picture


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