Monday, October 2, 2017

Patchwork Christmas Tree Forest Quilt

This past July, I participated in a quilt-a-long hosted on Instagram by @heritage.threads and @kairleoaks.  We made a Holiday Patchwork Forest Quilt.  The pattern is by Diary of a Quilter.  I used the Cotton + Steel bundle sold by Stitch Supply Co.

This was the first time I participated in a quilt-a-long and I really enjoyed it.  I typically don't tend to keep up with "a-longs" of any kinds.  I start with a lot of gusto and fizzle out after a few weeks or days.  But, this pattern by Diary of a Quilter kept my interest.  I think its the improv part of it... it makes it so fun and enjoyable to do each block.  Also, these prints by Cotton+ Steel were so beautiful to work with.  I really, really enjoyed them.  So much so that I'd like to make another one in the future.

I love how you make the blocks in pairs.

Making this quilt went so fast.  Before I knew it, I had a quilt top!

I had this quilted by Quilting By David.  I chose the Retro Tile pattern and I love it so much.  It fits the fabrics and the quilt so perfectly. I got this little sneak peek while we was quilting it.

When I got it back, I chose a Cotton + Steel binding...

Here is a better shot of the retro tile quilting...

And here it is all bound and finished...

I love it so much!  I can't wait to snuggle under it at Christmas.  Actually I have it out now ;) and have been using it since it was finished!  I'm planning my next Patchwork Forest quilt already.  Make one, you will love it so much!!

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